Mar 19, 2007

Passive Income with home based business

Today, there are thousands dreaming about how to get into the internet and realize millions overnight but I say to them... Hey, not too fast now!

About 95% of the internet comers lose their investment in the first year. And only about 2% actually make it in the WWW (World Wide Web). Many of the fortunes some people claimed to have made happened only once and when they try again it was gone.

Before you begin your internet claim make sure that you rod map is clear and that any savings you may have put together for your business is not going to create a rod block in your family's stability and yours. The internet is a great place to dream about but at the same time it can bring nightmares that many people rather forget. Fast talkers and scamers are a dime a dozen and they are just as eager to place their hands in your claim as your are in putting yours too. Do not forget that is much easier and less costly to dream it that it is to own it.

You need to have on hand a good rod map (plan) to avoid getting lost as I and many others experienced before. Major players are always looking for help. GoogleAdsense, eBay, ClickBank and Amazon.

Henry Ford said it, but did we hear him correctly?

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."


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